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Odoo Security Advisory - ODOO-SA-2017-06-15

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# (ODOO-SA-2017-06-15-1)
Severity: CRITICAL :: 9.1
Authentication layer in all Odoo versions is affected by a bug in
psycopg2 versions before 2.6.3, which allows remote attackers to
bypass authentication and log into any user account without password.

# (ODOO-SA-2017-06-15-2)
Severity: MEDIUM :: 5.4
Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in redirect handler in
Odoo 8.0 to 10.0 allows remote attackers to inject arbitrary web
script via the redirect parameter. (CVE-2017-5871)

# (ODOO-SA-2017-06-15-3)
Severity: HIGH :: 7.1
Incorrect access control on OAuth tokens in all Odoo version allows
remote authenticated users to hijack the OAuth session of other

# (ODOO-SA-2017-06-15-4)
Severity: HIGH :: 8.7
Insecure handling of anonymization data in Anonymization module in
All Odoo versions allows remote authenticated privileged users to
execute arbitrary code.

Please find attached the patches for each supported Odoo version along
with the corresponding Security Advisories, explaining the
vulnerabilities and their impact.


Ich habe gerade die Tags für v8/v10 aktualisiert.

170602 enthält die Patches.

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